Price List


We charge from the day of arrival to the day of collection. We have eft pos available and visa or mastercard with a 3.5% surcharge. You can also prepay with internet banking.  We also do not charge a surcharge over public holidays as we value your custom.



1 dog $18.50 per day
2 dogs sharing facilities * $35.00 per day
3 dogs sharing facilities (limited availability) $49.50 per day
1 dog giant breed (Mastiffs, Danes, Saints etc) $20.00 per day



If your dog is entire or in season, we charge an extra fee of $2.50 per day to accommodate their needs and the needs of our other guests.  We may not always be able to accommodate girls in season especially over our peak times, so please ask.

*  If your dogs aren’t getting along with each other and we need to separate them we will charge the indvidual rate per dog per day. 

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Day Care:

Our day care is charged on a per visit basis and we also offer concession cards. If you have a young puppy that requires a mid day meal, we can provide this at an extra $2.50 per meal or you can provide your own.


per dog/puppy $12.00 per day
 Concession cards for a 10 day visit plus 1 day FREE  $100.00 no expiry

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Respite Care:

We understand at Wags Pet Hotel that our dearly loved pets have different needs once they reach their senior years.  At Wags Pet Hotel, we cater for our senior pets and can offer warm coats, extra soft bedding, individual playtimes and personalised care.  This is at no extra charge.



At Wags Pet Hotel, we understand that your pet may have extra needs.  Medications are always of a concern to owners who know that their pets may need meds whilst on their holiday.  We absolutely understand and we provide this service free of charge.  We just need from you enough meds to cover your time away and your vets details just in case we need to get in touch.


This little guy has had recent foot issues and is recouperating with us

What should I bring for my holiday?

Please bring your current vaccination card, any special bedding or toys that will help you feel at home and if you are on a special diet or have medications, please bring these with you too.  Please can you also wear your pretty collar and have all your items named. 

At Wags Pet Hotel we do have ample bedding and shared toys so you are more than welcome and highly encouraged to use ours.