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At Wags Pet Hotel, we know that making sure your pup is safe and taken care of with love is a priority for you. That’s why our doggy daycare and enrichment gives your pup the socialisation, exercise, structure and training (one of the ways dogs learn is from other dogs!) they need from their furry friends!

Benefits for YOU and YOUR dog

Reserve your adorable pooch’s spot today – they’ll have a fantastic time with their other canine pals!

A commitment to your dog’s overall health and wellness

Regular socialisation, exercise and education with their BFF (Best Furry Friends)

Confidence and experience 

A home away from home, no matter the weather 

When you go on holiday or away for more extended periods, your furry best friend is already confident and excited about Wags Pet Hotel.

We are passionate about providing pet parents and their furry families the best possible service, and we promise to treat your dog like one of our family! 


Regular socialisation, exercise and education with their BFF (Best Furry Friends) will help keep your dog mentally and physically healthy; remember to check out our other services for pups.

We also offer our pups, our enrichment program treats whilst they stay with us.  This includes Licki Mats, puzzle toys, cat toy teasers and delicious treats.


The cozy haven run by a devoted family that loves pampering your fur babies around the clock.


Shop online or in store, for all your furry friends needs or ‘wants’

How much does Doggy Daycare cost?

For all our pricing and additional services, please visit our Rates Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If in doubt always ask – we are here for you

What is Doggy Daycare?

At Wags Pet Hotel & Doggy Care, it is an environment where your dog is dropped off for the day to play and socialise with other dogs in fun, stimulating, and safe environment.

Our active doggie daycare programme can ease your worry about your little friend being bored at home while you are out for the day or working.

We cater for our doggie daycare guests, where they can be dropped off early in the morning and collected on your way home. Your little friend will enjoy the fun-filled day socialising and playing with their friends, and you can also rest assured that your dog is enjoying his day with us at Wags Pet Hotel.

Do you offer a concession card or weekly discount?

Our doggie daycare is charged per visit, and we also offer concession cards.


Check our list of rates here. 


Please note that once purchased, Concession cards are not refundable but can be transferred to another pet you own, and the cards don’t expire.

Do you have a drop-off/pick-up service?

We sure do; the Wags Pet Bus is available for collection and drops off in central Levin on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Please ask our team for pricing and details for the Wags Pet Bus.

Why is my dog so 'dog tired' when they come home from doggy daycare?

This is from all the stimulation and play in our interactive grounds. Don’t worry; we have their nap time at lunch time so they can rest up for their next bout of play in the arvo

What do my dogs do during the day?

At our doggy daycare, it’s all about enrichment; your pup won’t be able to contain their excitement when playing outside in our various open areas.

With toys galore just waiting to be played with by all participants involved!

We create special playgroups tailored for each guest’s unique personality so they can socialise with furry friends that suit them best!

Hang out with playmates, lounge around and talk the latest gossip with new friends!

After expending all that energy running around and having fun, they’ll get into great shape while completely tuckered out at the end of the day.  We have special sleeping pods for all of our guests to have a midday nap after all the fun.

Or maybe your pup enjoys sitting and watching and more periods of sleep; we cater for that too. Whatever your dog’s personality, there is a place for them at Wags Pet Hotel.

Do you have outdoor play areas?

Yes, we do; we are all about enrichment at Wags Pet Hotel, and our area is 100% safe and secure for all our guests.

What are your rates?

We have a special rates, check it out here

I have a smaller dog, will they be safe at daycare?

We understand the importance of keeping your dog safe, so we’ve set up a special area for pint-sized friends to play. Our staff will assess each individual dog and find what’s best suited especially for them – whether they’d like to hang with their tiny pals or mix it up with slightly bigger dogs. Your furry family member is free to choose!

Do you need some help with our online booking system?

There are some helpful tips here to help you when you register for the first time

Can I take a tour of Wags Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to ask many questions, as our goal is for you to have peace of mind while you’re on holiday or at work.

So our staff can dedicate their time to you, please call to arrange a tour 06 367 5362, tours are available Monday through to Friday, there is also a virtual tour here

How often should my dog come to doggy daycare?

Some of our guests come two or three times a week; some come every day to spend time playing with their BFFs. It’s up to you and your pet to decide how often they would like to attend daycare; why not have that conversation? If you still have questions come and have a chat with us.

How old does my dog need to be to attend Daycare?

We take pups after their third vaccination.  We encourage puppies to come to daycare so we can start the important socialisation process.

Do you offer services for older pets?

At Wags Pet Hotel, we are proud to be able to care for pets of all ages. We understand and respect the needs of our older pups – providing extra warmth in the form of warm coats, individual playtime, and tailored personalised attention at no additional cost! So if your beloved pet requires special attention during their golden years, you can rest assured they will receive it here with us.

Is my pet supervised during daycare?

Yes. Your dog is supervised at all times; we are here on-site to ensure dogs are always safe.

Do you feed my pet during Doggy Daycare?

If you want your pet to eat at daycare, you may supply their food in a marked container. Or we can provide a mid-day meal for an extra $2.50 per meal. Because young puppies are growing and using lots of energy, they often require an extra meal during the day.

Please let us know of any food allergies.

Do you provide treats during the day for Doggy Daycare?

Yes we do!  Our daily treat is offered everyday for $3 per dog and we have exciting things such as Scoop Dog Ice Cream, peanut butter kongs, pigs ears and snouts, green tripe and liver pieces, Scoop Dog eggnog, licki mats.


We will NOT feed your dog any treats or food unless instructed by the owner.

Do we need to make a reservation for doggy daycare?

Looking for a safe, reliable doggy daycare? We understand! Here at Wags Pet Hotel, we are ready to provide your dog with quality care.  All we need from you is a booking for your dogs first day so we have all the important contact details and information about your dog so that your little one can experience the best of our daycare.


Book today and get peace of mind knowing they’re being cared for by our team; we are passionate about making every visit worthwhile.  We are open 7 days for daycare so after your first booked session, you don’t need to book, just come on down.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, debit cards or cash

What happens if my pet gets sick or hurt while they are at Wags Pet Hotel?

Rest assured, if an unexpected situation arises with your pet while they are in our care, we’ve got you covered! We will always make sure to reach out and contact either you or the emergency contacts provided by you. 

Depending on how serious it is, we can try using your veterinarian for medical attention; but if that’s not close enough or available, we will use our 24/7 access to our on call vet.

There may be additional fees associated; feel free to contact us directly anytime should you have any questions about this matter.

It’s my dogs first time at doggy daycare, what do I need to do and what should I bring?

Our doggy daycare sessions start at:

7.30am Monday to Sunday

By arrangement 6.45 am Monday to Friday

Please bring current vaccination records for your first visit.

We also suggest bringing a lunchtime meal/snack in a named container, especially if you have a puppy who eats throughout the day.

When you arrive, please ensure your dog is always brought in on a leash and collar.

Does my pet need to be neutered or spayed to visit or stay?

We can accommodate intact dogs of any age; however, it may be harder to board an entire dog or a female in season at peak times, so please ask before booking.

All doggy daycare dogs need to be spayed or neutered from 10 – 12 months of age to play depending on breed and nature, please discuss with us if you have any concerns.

If your female does come into season (heat) and you are due to come into the kennels, please call as before you come as we may not be able to accommodate her.

Are you open on public holidays for Daycare?

Unfortunately no.  Our boarding facilities are open though, so you are welcome to book your pet into stay.

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