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Welcome to Wags Pet Hotel, the cozy haven run by a devoted family that loves pampering your fur babies around the clock! Conveniently located for smooth drop-offs and pick-ups, we’re here to ensure your cats and dogs enjoy a top-notch stay filled with love and attention. With our friendly caretakers on site 24/7, their tails will be wagging all day and night!

Your dog will be safe and comfortable.

They'll get plenty of exercise and individual attention.

Wags Pet Hotel is designed for year-round comfort.

You'll have peace of mind knowing your dog is being taken care of by experts.

You'll feel good about giving your pup a fun, exciting stay.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”


If you’re looking for pet boarding; our highly trained staff provide a safe and loving environment for your pet.

We also offer our pups, our enrichment program treats whilst they stay with us.  This includes Licki Mats, puzzle toys, cat toy teasers and delicious treats.


Shop online or in store, for all your furry friends needs or ‘wants’.

We also stock in our online shop amazing gift boxes for your pet or a friends pet.

Daily Treats

We also offer our pups and Kittys, our enrichment program treats whilst they stay with us.  This includes Licki Mats, puzzle toys, cat toy teasers and delicious treats daily

How much does Dog Boarding cost?

For all our pricing and additional services, please visit our Rates Page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If in doubt always ask – we are here for you

What will you feed my dog when they come to stay?

At Wags Pet Hotel, we provide our treasured guests with the best nutrition without the regular shortcuts other Kennels, and Catteries use.

We have personally fed Royal Canin to our show dogs for over 20 years, and the results we have had and continue to have is outstanding.

Royal Canin formulates the best premium pet nutrition in the world, and it is no simple task. Each diet comprises nutrients that are the precise balance to supply the most effective food for cats and dogs of different sizes, ages, breeds and lifestyles, all with specific needs.

At Wags Pet Hotel, we understand correct feeding and nutritional needs, and we feed all our guests twice a day, so they do not go hungry and have nice satisfied tummies to keep them energised for their stay. We carry the full range of food suitable for our guests’ age and size group.

If your pet is on a special diet, please bring this with you so we can maintain your pet’s needs. If you are boarding a baby puppy with us, we feed 3 – 4 meals daily depending on their needs.

Please let us know of any food allergies.

You can check out Royal Canin for further information about their products, and we also have Royal Canin available for purchase in our Reception.

What age does my dog need to be to stay with you?

We can take your puppy after its third vaccination and depending on the length of your pets stay, we may need your pet to stay a couple of nights prior to a longer term stay.  We really want to make sure your pet is comfortable in his or her surroundings.

My pet is on a special diet, will I need to bring their food?

Yes, please do. A change in a pet’s diet could easily upset its stomach, and we want to maintain your pet’s needs.  Please pre portion your pet’s food into zip lock bags or containers all named.  Please bring extra with you just in case you are delayed or your pet needs more after a big day of play.

If you are boarding a baby puppy with us, we feed 3 – 4 meals daily depending on their needs.

Can Wags Pet Hotel accommodate raw feeding?

Yes, please let us know when you book so we can plan around your dog’s special diet. We have plenty of fridge and freezer space to accommodate any diet.

Do I need to make a reservation for an overnight booking for my pet?

We’d love to have your pet join us for an overnight stay! We can accommodate short or same-day notice depending on the time of the year. However, to ensure we can accommodate them when you need, please book ahead of time. Space tends to fill up quickly during busier times like Christmas and other holidays – so reserve a spot as soon as possible if it’s around those special days!

Where Does the dog stay at night?

Our furry guests enjoy the ultimate sleepover designed with their safety and privacy in mind so they can rest undisturbed all night long! Comfy beds complete this peaceful retreat, plus every suite has its own outdoor undercover area where your doggo can kick back out under the sky when it’s time to wind down after playtime!

If you have multiple pups visiting us at once, no problem – our family rooms will ensure everyone gets together for rest time but meals and medicines are completed separately to ensure each pup has their own space and gets their own food.

Please contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help.

What should my furry family member bring on holiday ?

Get ready for their pawsitively perfect holiday! To make sure you’re set, bring your vaccination card, and if Fido or Fluffy has any special diets or meds they need on their trip, make sure to pack those too.

Remember their collar; OK-ing it up with a personalised nametag will add that finishing touch! – and so we know it’s theirs! Leave all bedding and toys at home – we’ve got them covered here, so just go off and have fun exploring new places.

Can I drop off or pick up my pet after hours?

Unfortunately no.  We are surrounded by residential homes and so because we like to be great neighbours, we need to keep to our hours of operation.  You are welcome to organise another family member or friend to collect your pet as long as you have provided us with their name and contact phone number prior to collection.

What are some things I can do to make my dog's kennel stay more enjoyable?

Try and relax before you drop your dogs off, dogs are intuitive creatures so if you are stressed they will pick up on it. They are going on holiday too – so be happy for them.

We will look after their safety, make sure they are healthy and show them a good time – you do the same ;o)

Do you offer a bathing service?
Dogs are here at Wags Pet Hotel to have fun and to play.  They play on grass, they play on mats, they play in pools and sometimes they play in mud whilst playing with each other.  If you don’t want your dog to come home dirty and smelling like a 13 year old kiddo after school camp, book an exit bath when you make your booking or at check in
Do you board other animals?

YES. We offer cat boarding, check out the details here

Do you have any restrictions on the dogs you care for?

We want to ensure the happiness and safety of all dogs (and humans!) at Wags Pet Hotel. That’s why, before we agree to care for a pup with temperament issues during busy times or overnight stays, we may have to evaluate them. This helps us get acquainted with them so they feel comfortable in our presence!

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept dogs with severe aggression problems into our home away from home 🙁

Do you provide treats during the day?

Yes we do!  Our daily treat is offered everyday for $3 per dog and we have exciting things such as Scoop Dog Ice Cream, peanut butter kongs, pigs ears and snouts, green tripe and liver pieces, Scoop Dog eggnog, licki mats.

My pet takes medication; are you able to accommodate this?

We absolutely understand (we have pets, too!); some pets

have extra special needs, which is always of concern to owners when they leave their pets.

We need enough medications to cover your time away and also

your vet’s details in case we need to get in touch.

  • Administering medications, $1.00 daily.
  • Injectable medications, $3.00 daily.

We can assure you that love for them is no additional charge.

Are vaccinations required to Board?

Yes. All pets must have up-to-date vaccinations or titre tests. Owners must submit proof from their veterinarian that they have received vaccinations.

  • Minimal requirements for dogs; kennel cough, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and Leptospirosis

All vaccinations for dogs are to be valid for the length of stay.

We also recommend parasite control – flea and tick prevention.

Do my pets have access to water throughout the day and night?

Yes, your pet will have fresh water available at all times in their suites and also all the playgrounds.

Some dogs may drink lots when they get home. Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal; they have spent the day playing with other pups, had lots of enrichment, had a car drive home, and then, it’s time for them to rehydrate after their fun stay.

What time can I drop my pet off?

So we know your pet is arriving, you must make a reservation.


  • Monday to Friday:
    • 8am – 10am Morning
    • 3pm – 5pm Afternoon
  • Saturday: 8am – 10am  | Closed Afternoon
  • Sunday: 3pm -5pm | Closed Morning
  • Closed Christmas, Boxing, 31st December and New Years day and 2nd January and all Public Holidays. 

Drop off is recommend for the morning session so your pet has all day to become familiar with our facilities and pick up during any of our session times. Thank you for respecting our schedule. Minimising interruptions aids in creating a stress-free environment for all pets in our care.

How can you tell which facility is suitable for you and your pet?

 It’s important to always ask the right questions:

How long has your business been in operation? – good reviews will also show you if the business has a reputation; look for negative and positive reviews. 

Has a pet ever escaped your facility? – safety first always is one of the most important aspects of a boarding kennel; reviews will also point you toward a pet family who has had a bad experience. 

How experienced/trained are your employees? – again, look at reviews, and use your intuition when you speak to staff on the phone or in person – do they feel like good animal people, or are they taking your pet’s care seriously.

What extra services can you provide for my pet boarding? Having additional services for pet care shows a well-rounded knowledge of animal care.

Where is Wags Pet Hotel ?

We are located in sunny Horowhenua, only 60 to 80 minutes north of Wellington and 45 minutes south of Palmerston North. We are directly off State Highway 1 and easy to find; you can find a map here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, debit cards or cash.

Credit cards have a 3.5 % extra charge fee

Can I take a tour of Wags Pet Hotel Doggy?

We do not offer tours of our facilities as all the pets think you are taking them home and we really don’t want to upset them!  You can view the great facilities via the video (click HERE) or check out our social media pages for lots of photos and updates. 


Does my pet need to be neutered or spayed to visit or stay?

We can accommodate intact dogs of any age; however, it may be harder to board an entire dog at peak times, so please ask before booking.

We are unable to accommodate female dogs that are in season (heat) We do have an extra charge for dogs that aren’t neutered or spayed over 12 months of age.  Please see our rates page.


Can I bring my dog's bedding, dishes or toys?

We happily supply all bedding, dishes and toys for sanitary reasons and for all of our visitors’ health. This will also ensure your pets personal items will not get lost or mixed up. We have several kinds of beds and blankets to suit each unique pet’s needs – we will look after them like they are at home.

I would like to book more than one dog for your kennels. Can they stay together?

Do you have multiple furry family members that need a place to stay? No problem — we’re happy to accommodate them! That said, if your pups can’t get along during their stay with us for any reason, they may be necessary to bunk in separate suites.

  • If we need to separate new visiting dogs, we will charge the individual rate per dog per day.

If you have any questions regarding our rates, see our page here

Are you confused about our online booking system?

We are here to help, you may find a simple answer to your question here –  check this link

Or give us a call: 06 367 5362

What makes Wags Pet Hotel different?

Wags Pet Hotel provides a luxurious experience for your furry friend to keep them comfortable during their stay. Your pet will feel like royalty with individually designed suites and spacious outdoor areas! Each suite is fully insulated with its own beds, providing easy access to their private outside area.

Visit us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re treating your four-legged companion with only the best care!

Are you open on public holidays?

Our boarding facilities are operational, so you are welcome to book your pet into stay however we are closed for admissions and collections on all public holidays.

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